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Every birth date has numerology lucky numbers within it.​ If the date is a birth date, the lucky numbers belong with the numerology chart of the person who was born on that date.​ If the date is not a birth date, the lucky numbers are associated with the date itself.

Saturn will move into Capricorn sign on January 23, Saturn goes retrograde on May 10, at 7 degrees 55 minutes in Capricorn sign. Saturn will go direct on September 28, at 1 degrees 17 minutes in Capricorn sign.

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On December 31, Saturn is at 7 degrees 42 minutes in Capricorn sign. In Saturn will transit Uttarashadha nakshatra ruled by Sun in Capricorn sign. Rahu is transiting Gemini sign until September 24, Rahu will transit Taurus sign Mrigishira nakshatra Sept 24, to January 28, Ketu will transit Sagittarius sign until September 24, Ketu will transit Sagittarius sign Purvashadha nakshatra from May 10, to January 17, , next Sagittarius sign Moola nakshatra from January 17, to Sept 24, Ketu will transit Scorpio sign Jyeshtha nakshatra from September 24, to June 3, We will also discuss the impact of Jupiter Ketu conjunction, Mars Ketu conjunction, Mercury Ketu conjunction, Mercury Rahu conjunction, Venus Rahu conjunction, and Venus Ketu conjunction in , in your varshaphala reading.

Solar and Lunar Eclipses Analysis. We will also discuss the impact of eclipses in your astrology chart. There is a Lunar Eclipse in Gemini sign at 26 degrees on January 10, Jupiter will be retrograde from May 14, to September 13, Saturn will go retrograde from May 10, to September 28, Three Mercury Retrogrades Analysis. There are three Mercury retrogrades in Mercury goes retrograde from February 16, to March 9, Mercury goes retrograde in conjunction with Rahu from June 17, — July 12, Mercury goes retrograde from October 13, to November 3, Venus goes retrograde from May 13, to June 25, Mars goes retrograde from September 9, to November 13, You can contact me for your varshaphala reading.

I wish everyone the best in Schedule Varshaphala Reading Name:. Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Oops, there was an error sending your message. Please try again later. Top Eighteen Accurate Predictions by Mr.

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Trump Impeachment Inquiry prediction. Julian Assange Arrest prediction. Read more about the upcoming sweep of the moon past from and Saturn from EarthSky. The first quarter moon draws close to Jupiter on the evening of Thursday, September 5, and the gibbous phase is seen on either side of Saturn on the following Saturday and Sunday, September 7 and 8.

The Great Conjunction of 2020

And here are these planets again — Jupiter and Saturn — from September 5 to 8, , when the moon will pass near yet again. Due to the movements of the planets in their orbits, Jupiter and Saturn are slowly drawing into alignment with each other.

When Jupiter and Saturn meet

This is because of the relative speeds of their orbits. Conversely, the further a planet is away from the sun, the slower it moves. So Jupiter is seen passing through the zodiac at the leisurely rate of one constellation to the east per year. This is why Jupiter was passing through Libra last year and is now in Scorpius in Saturn is nearly twice as far from the sun as Jupiter, 9.

Saturn therefore requires more than two years to move through a single zodiac constellation. About every 20 years, Jupiter and Saturn line up in a rare planetary conjunction. When that happens, Jupiter and Saturn are lined up with each as seen from the sun. The conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn will occur on December 21, At that time, these planets will line up quite close to the sun, as seen from the Earth.

They will be low in the sunset sky. However, Jupiter and Saturn will be close to the sun in our sky then.

2020 Planetary Transits

Over the coming year, Jupiter and Saturn will be steadily moving closer and closer toward convergence. During the summer of , it should be a lot of fun to watch these two planets draw together into alignment. By December , this planetary pair will be hanging low in the evening sky, soon to disappear into the sunset. On the evening of December 16, , the waxing crescent moon will align with these planets, making an amazing sight in the twilight sky on the threshold of winter.

Jupiter and Saturn last aligned on May 21, After the date of conjunction in , Jupiter will progress to the east and draw further and further away from Saturn throughout the decade of the 20s. After that, the two planets will approach each other through the s, reaching conjunction again on November 5, Beyond that, Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions will occur on April 10, , March 15, , and September 24, This is something to discuss with your grandchildren!

Bottom line: Watch for Jupiter and Saturn in the night sky.

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  • They are well placed for viewing in the evening now as seen from the entire Earth. Jupiter is brighter than any star. In the coming months, these two bright planets will draw closer.

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